Want to Start Yoga? Here Are Some Types that you can Try

You have heard about the health benefits of yoga and the many styles that you can choose from. Yoga is a lifestyle and not a one-day session. The first thing to do before starting your sessions is sure why you want to do so. It could be for fun, you can include it in your workout routine or you could do it to get some specific health benefits. Consult a yoga teacher for guidance on the best yoga for you. 

Some Types of Yoga Types that you can choose from

There are numerous types of yoga that you can choose from and despite them appearing to be similar, there are differences. Whether its pain you want to relieve, you are looking for relaxation or you want to shed off some weight, there is a yoga type for you. 

  • Ashtanga Vinyasa 

If you are looking for yoga that is mentally and physically challenging, you should go for Ashtanga Vinyasa. Join beginners class if you are doing it for the first time so as to get the movements right and avoid any injuries. Due to its challenging nature, it’s advisable that if you have any medical conditions or issues, you avoid it. 

  • Viniyoga

When you want a yoga type that is personalized, Viniyoga makes an excellent choice. This is good as a beginner considering that you get one-on-one training with the instructor. Due to this, it’s easy for the instructor to understand your requirements and limits. Whether you have a medical condition, you are a beginner, or you want to enroll your little ones to yoga sessions, viniyoga is a great choice. 

  • Hatha Yoga

A type of traditional yoga, it has been in use for decades. This is a type that boosts the state of the mind by use of breathing and physical exercises. It’s not all about exercises as there are other requirements such as adapting to specific ethical codes of living and dietary observation among other disciplines. 

Some types of yoga are quite challenging to the body and mind thus before you can start your sessions, understand your limits. Getting a good instructor is a plus as they will guide you depending on your requirements. From hatha yoga which is the most popular type, viniyoga, Bikram to Ashtanga Vinyasa, each type has its own challenges and advantages.