The benefits of keeping a fitness journal

For many people, fitness regimens are difficult to keep up with for a lot of reasons. Therefore it only makes sense to keep a fitness journal around to record what you are doing and how you are feeling about it. One of the really cool things is being able to read these thoughts back to yourself just so you can see how far along you have come and how much you have improved too. In some cases just having the diary around reminds you to workout. That being said, there are other great benefits of keeping a fitness journal;

  1. An exercise journal can help increase scheduling capabilities

With the hustle and bustle of life, it is important to be able to get in your regular workout in line with everything else so none of your important life elements feel left behind. A journal will help you fit in your exercises so they are in line with everything else you have going on in life.

  1. Keeping track of progress.

You may want to start a 30-day challenge in between the month so you will definitely want to know when last you did what so you are not forgetting to get those workouts in. you will also be the first one to notice if what you are doing is working for you or not and switch it up.

  1. For accountability’s sake

If you work out at home then this helps remind you to be in charge of your regimen and is also a great reminder of the daily workouts you have schedules. If you workout from the gym, your trainer will keep up with your progress and take notes but it is also important that you keep your own records to reference while at home.

  1. Maintaining consistency

When you are on a routine and you notice that your activity levels are declining week by week, day by day, it is important you find out why and how you can get back on track. The note you make in your journal can serve as a guide for consistent planning and stick to a regimen you know will deliver desired effects

  1. Source of motivation

Staying motivated all through your fitness journey can prove tough but monitoring your progress serves as a great source of motivation to keep pushing yourself. In your journal, set your goals and take photos to show your weekly and monthly progress. Ticking off accomplishments and reaching milestones will greatly help boost morale while writing motivational quotes you find or hear around will help lift your spirits.

  1. Helps you avoid distractions

Think of your journal as a roadmap, keeping you focused so you fall off the path instead it keeps you on the right path to reaching your final destination. If you ever feel lost, or get sidetracked you need only consult your journey. Writing down how and why you get distracted will help you see harmful patterns and develop ways to avoid them completely.

4 Easy Steps to Managing your Health

To date in the developed world, life expectancy is high. In some countries, it has become so high that they fear in the next decade that they would be faced with an aging population. Living a long life is everyone’s desire but most persons will prefer to die if their lives are not enriched and if they are not healthy. Despite an increase in life expectancy in some countries, people are still dying from health related causes that could be avoided.


Diet is one of the most important factors to consider when managing your health. You cannot under any circumstance expect to live a long, healthy life if your body is not being fed essential vitamins and minerals. People are buying organic fruits, vegetables, meats and other products because studies have actually shown that genetically modified foods and even the chemicals used in agriculture can have negative effects on our bodies. Nothing is wrong with going organic but organic foods are actually significantly more expensive. If you cannot afford organic, start off simply by having three balanced meals a day.

Regular Exercise

Exercise can reduce your risk of developing a disease like cancer, diabetes, hypertension and even strokes and heart attacks significantly. Diet is important but it needs to be combined with exercise to yield significant results. Exercise doesn’t only keep the body active, blood flowing and increases your oxygen in taking but it has the power to significantly reduce stress. Exercise doesn’t have to be complicated; speed walking, jogging or even using an elliptical machine a few hours a week can improve your life.

Yearly Check Ups

Regular checkups are important. Persons have often reported that they may have gone to do their annual medical and the doctor discovered a blood clot or clogged artery and they were immediately rushed to surgery. If these persons had not visited their doctors, chances are that they could have been dead. The thing is whilst diet and exercise are all preventative methods, sometimes you can’t out exercise or out eat your genetics and only medicine can help. Be sure to visit your doctor regularly. Chances of surviving a disease are actually increased when it is discovered early. So if you’re afraid of doctors and well even dentists, too bad. If you want a healthy life, you have to visit these practitioners often.

Rest and Relaxation

Stress can cause diseases and that is why it is so important to engage in rest and relaxation. Even if you can’t afford to travel, you are entitled to vacation days. Don’t work during your vacation. Even if you’re on vacation and have some things to do, it is important to take at least a day to rest, reflect and relax. Take your vacation days; even take your sick days when you are ill. You are not doing anyone any favors by going to work ill because you are unproductive and may spread your germ to your co-workers. Further R&R is important because you must have both a healthy body and mind.