How to Successfully DIY Repair Your Windscreen

Whilst driving to my local beach to do some morning yoga I was confronted with a flying rock that left a small crack on my windscreen. Being the avid DIY’er I thought I would take up the challenge of self repair. So here is what I learnt when I researched for completing this job.

Repairing a windscreen is a special art done by professional artists. A DIY repair kit will never match a professional result, but what better way to save a few bucks if you only have light damage.

To repair a windscreen scratch or chip, simply follow these simple steps. Small scratches can easily be repaired by a proactive DIY’er, extensive damage however is best left to the professionals. The repair will also restore the structural integrity of the car.

Tools and Material Required

  • Glass cleaner
  • Glass repair kit
  • Dry soft cloth

Evaluate The Damage

Try to find out whether the scratch is on the surface or deep inside the glass, you can run your finger along it. If it is smooth you are in luck. If you get caught as you trace across it is may be too large for you to repair.

Trying to repair damage that is too much for you to handle will ultimately result in you needing a full windscreen replacement. Unfortunately glass repair kits are only to be used for minor damage so best to read the instructions on your chosen repair kit and don’t bite of more than you can chew.

Purchase a Glass Repair Kit

Visit your local automotive store. They should have a few options for you in terms of glass repair kits. After you have evaluated the damage you need to find a product that can handle what you need.

Clean the Windscreen and Follow The Instructions

Clean your windscreen to remove any dust and debris that would affect the repair kit from achieving the best results. And always follow the instructions as each product has different processes and time required for setting.

Another Method Using Resin

  1. The windscreen must be completely dry before you start your task. Clean the crack, you may use a dust blower or a small amount of acetone.
  2. Set up the applicator by identifying the syringe or barrel where you load the resin. Check the instructions.
  3. Load the resin into the applicator.
  4. Position the applicator to repair the crack.
  5. Apply the resin along the start of the crack.
  6. Seal the rest of the crack.
  7. Fill chips and dents with thicker resin.
  8. Cover all resin with curing tape.
  9. Let the resin cure.