Best Health and Fitness Apps In 2017

To have an enjoyable and perfectly healthy life, it is imperative that we incorporate physical fitness activities in our routine living. Whereas eating nutritious food is essential for acquiring that healthy body, exercise is quite obligatory for a hale and hearty mind.

Commonly categorized by a sequence of repetitive motion and guided by specific procedures, exercise should be made a daily routine. Ways to accomplish this include, aerobics, jogging, lifting weights and running and sports.

Technological inventions have made training very convenient through the development of applications that can be used to keep track of the progress we make. Here are the best health and fitness of the year 2017.

Charity Miles

Charity Miles is an application both available Apple iOS and Android platforms. This application is sponsored by institutions that donate a few cents to charities each time you complete 1 mile of running cycling, running or jogging. They are stress-free to use and deliver reliable results.


Cyclemeter begins tracking your performance every time you get on your bike to start riding. It is precisely built for biking isometrics. It is manufactured by Abvio for ISO platform and assembles data based on your cycling activity. This data entails distance covered in miles as well as track performance. The app can also be utilized in tracking daily walks and runs and can be obtained freely but has a $5 upgrade.

Digifit iCardio

It is imperative to record as well as track one’s pulse during exercise. Digifit iCardio is well suited for this. Available for both Android and iOS, this application records your pace, distance, time and heart rate covered throughout rides or jogs. For one to fully optimize the full functionality of this App, you are required to purchase a pulse monitor accessory that costs between $50 and $100. Quite a flexible fitness application.


Endomondo has been said to be the most versatile fitness App in the market today. It is available for both Android and iOS platforms. The application is both accurate and has an elegant interface. The application assists one to track all stats throughout your fitness activity. Endomondo also gives an account of speed, pace, calories burnt and distance covered. It also recommends fitness plans and enables one to progress performance with time

Fit radio

Manufactured for Android, Blackberry and iOS platforms. It is a fitness App that incorporates music to motivate and encourage one to get fit. By streaming DJ created mixes that offer a beat that is consistent and synchronizes with one’s fitness activity. You can go through various genres of mixes for different fitness dance styles such as Zumba, spin, or yoga.


Fitbit is part of a system called Fitbit. The system makes use of wearable accessories of fitness and the App itself. Luckily one can use the App on its own. While doing this, you can track calories consumption and even record information about your health such as blood pressure and glucose levels. The Fitbit is available for Windows phone platform, iOS, and Android platforms.