Chriztina :

I’ve recently adapted a healthier lifestyle and I’m still not perfect and still have my weak moment but I’ve started to become more active. I will call her to ask her if she wants to go to the gym, go for a walk outside, come over to my place to follow a yoga video and her response is always the same, “No.” I’m getting sick and tired of her complaining about being fat yet she does nothing about it. I’ve tried to suggest things for different comfort levels but she still says, “I’ve just rented a movie and I want to watch it.” Yeah because 40 min not on the couch is going to kill you. Like I said, I’m still getting the hang of this healthy lifestyle thing and I thought it would be nice for us to work out together because she complains all the time. Is there anything I can say to her? Even though I say she complains a lot, I still love her and want what’s best for her. I’m just getting sick of her complaining that she’s fat and not doing anything about it.

treehuggerbby :

ok i really want to lostrart losing weight for a alot reasons
Not just becuase i want to fit into a size 3 or anything but so i can live longer and have a healthy active life
So i researched last night and kind of made up a start of exercise and start up healthy diet plan

10 minutes of jumping rope before i got to school
Then a walk before the morning bell rings (can be anywhere from 10-50 minutes) my school has alot of hills and stairs so a moderate paced walk through hills and stairs
Then i get home around 7:00 pm
and i need to STUDY ALOT
so maybe a 20 minute workout video
amd then during my studying ill had small times for jumping rope or jumping jacks (Ex. 20 minutes of studying 5 minutes of jumping rope or jumping jacks)
Then Monday,Wednesday,Friday ill do strength moves….i have a resistance band, and a few dumbells, and my own body weight :)

Is YOGA a good thing to do? would i count it as cardio or strength?

Healthy diet plan:
Example of one day

Breakfast: 1 1/2 eggs (93 cals)
1 peice of whole grain toast (80 cals)
1 bowl of special K cereal (160 cals)
and a banana (60 cals)
Total: 393 cals

Snack: a jell-o (30 cals)

Lunch: A Romain lettuce salad with grilled chicken tomatos,cucumbers,1 tbsp a colby jack cheese, 2 tbsps of light italian dressing (400 cals)
1/2 cup peaches (60cals)
Total: 460 cals

Snack: 100 calories pack of popcorn

Dinner:1/2 a cup whole grain pasta (200 cals)
1/4 cup tomato sauce (30 cals)
1 cup mixed vegetables (bell peppers,onion,garlic,broccoli) (90 cals)
Small side salad (50 cals)
Total:370 cals

Snack: orange (60 cals)

Total for day: 1413 cals

I really am not one to count calories too much
but im trying to stay in a 1200-1500 calorie range

is 1500 calories too much?
am i exercising enough?
ALL tips welcome

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livethejuicylife :

I’m trying to get back into shape and I was wondering what some good workout videos are. I usually go to the gym, but sometimes when I just don’t have time, I like to do a workout video instead. I have one, Shape’s Bikini Body Workout or something like that, and I really like it, but I’m getting tired of the workouts so i need a new video! Any suggestions?

I’m 20 yr old girl, and am fairly athletic, so I don’t want anything like “walk your way thin” or any slow-paced stuff like yoga (and I already have a pilates video, so none of that either) . I’m looking more for upbeat cardio and strength.


Tiff :

ive heard of Yoga Booty Ballet and Turbo Jam and Denise Austins videos..but what actually works? i see all the infomercials and in small print they say “results not typical” but then they guarantee youll lose weight or money back..whats up with that? i just want to know what program actually works..i weigh about 185 and im 5′6 i think…also how do you work in your exercises with a 3 year old? My daughter wants all of my attention but i really want to lose some weight so i can play with her more…how do you balance that? What foods would be best and help with the weight loss?
also how many calories does swimming burn?
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Jc :

Um, what would be the best form of yoga for a 15yo to do? Like, i’m somewhat stressed and just wanna relieve it so i can go on with my life, and well, yoga seemed like a fun way to do that. Also, whens the best time to do it, day, night, after or before i eat? (sorry for so many Q’s) lol, and if any of you have a good website with loads of info that i can actually use, please list it(don’t have money to buy books or videos) So thanks a bunch!! Much appreciated
-hope i get lots of answers-

blah :

Olivia was born 3 weeks ago and I am ready to get myself back in shape. I can’t afford a gym membership or trainer. I do have a yoga video, an 8 minutes ab video, and a jump rope. any ideas for a workout routine? thank you for your answers and time!

Lady Amalthea :

I took a yoga class once for dance last year, and I LOVED it. what is better for yoga? Doing it yourself, a class, a CD, a book, or a video? Thank you.

flower :

i want to start working out and wanted to know which one is better? [i'm going to be purchasing a workout video of either one that's the best]

AIM+e plus a Melody due 02/20/10 :

I’ve found a lot of good yoga videos online for pregnancy workout, but I really want something that gets me sweating. I’ve been overindulging for the past couple of days so I really want to get a good workout. Anyone know of any good exercise routines while pregnant? Im only 8 weeks so not too far along yet, but I still want it to be safe. Thanks. Also if you know any really good ones on youtube, that would be best

Spike :

I’m really into healthy, tranquil living, and would really like to take up yoga. Where is the best place to do it? What time is best? Do certain measures need to be taken? Any sites with video’s e.t.c are also very helpful.

On a scale from best to worst please rank the different ways to do yoga?

leo : There’s the video, with a teacher, or at home with a friend or by yourself. For a guy wanting to get into yoga is one way better than the other or are they all the same?

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What’s the best way to handle this mess in a way so my parents don’t think I’m irresponsible?

Freebird : I’m a senior and we’re allowed to leave campus for lunch, and so I went to this yoga class not realizing that on Thursdays it was longer than usual. I was really into the yoga and didn’t realize so much time had passed, and when I got out I was shocked because I [...]

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